Negative Reviews

Original Source: The Avent Techs

The Avent Techs Reviews

Several AV Techs have reached out to us to let us know about losing thousands due to refusal to pay by Eddie Abdalla. We’ve also learned that The Avent Techs is owned by Abdalla, another scam company it appears. The below are negative feedback from techs. We’re sharing it so you think twice before choosing to work with The Avent Techs.

The Avent Techs, The Crew Source, it’s all the same shity lies. Eddie still owes me $2,800. He has no idea how badly he f*cked me over. Because of his refusal pay me, I lost my apartment and had to move in with my family. Do you know how humiliating that was? I was just getting my sh*t together. Pissed AF

SF sent that one

I work for Eddie at The Avent Techs and he totally screwed me over. He scheduled me for 4 events and bailed without telling me. I was counting on that money. I could’ve gotten other work but turned it down because of him.

LA sent that one

Dude, I fuckin worked for eddie at the crew source and he asked me to work for him at the avent techs. guess he forgot he didn’t fuckin pay me what he owed me, $1,200. whatever, he’s such a dick. don’t trust these guys. we gotta stick together.